My Homelab Adventure Part 2

So now that I have shared my motivation for having my own Home lab, the natural next step would be to acquire the necessary hardware.

Common sense would tell you that all you really need is a PC that is capable of handling a few virtual machines. But I didn’t exactly go the common sense rout for my home lab. I wanted actual enterprise class hardware for my adventure. The most difficult part of acquiring enterprise class hardware is the cost barrier. Traditionally this equipment is more expensive because they offer higher quality and more reliable hardware.

So what did I buy and where did I get it. I ended up with quite a smattering of items. The core of my Homelab is 3 HP Proliant DL360 G6 and 2 Cisco Catalyst 2950 switches. Along the way I acquired a Dell/EMC nas device, Juniper IDP 50, F5 BigIP and a 42U server rack. You can find the full list and links to the items on one of my Reddit Post. I found most of my Homelab equipment through surplus auction of my local county and got some stuff from eBay. If you live in a larger metro are I recommend that you do some searches for your local counties surplus auctions. They won’t always have what your looking for so you may just have to keep an eye on it and wait for the right item to go on the block.